The brakes on your car are of the upmost importance to its safe function. The vehicle manufacturers spend millions of pounds, alongside the major braking system manufacturers to ensure that they can work to their optimum performance level.

Why is there such a vast difference in quality available within the aftermarket when it comes to the parts available?

The vehicle manufacturers do not actually make the brake parts themselves. They buy the parts required from the major braking system manufacturers, for which they share development and tooling costs with.

There are many manufacturers of braking system components but only a handful supply directly to the car manufacturers. These companies have explicit knowledge on the specifications to which these components need to be manufactured. Many of the strictly aftermarket brands are only a copy of the original equipment spec in shape and differ wildly in terms of the types and compounds of materials used.

At Linslade we will only fit braking components from the original equipment suppliers and not from the aftermarket only manufacturers.

This means that after a brake replacement job at Linslade your car will perform exactly as the manufacturer intended.

These suppliers include Delphi Lockheed, Brembo, ATE & ADL Automotive.