Free car battery check from Linslade Tyres.

Modern car batteries are a bit like light bulbs – they give you very little or no warning that they are about to fail. Cold weather can drastically reduce your car battery’s power and leave you caught out in the cold. Take advantage of a free battery check from Linslade to keep you car running through the winter.

You don’t need an appointment – just call in at one of our branches. In just five minutes we’ll check the charging system, the output voltage and the battery’s charging rate. Comparing the results against the manufacturer’s original data means we can give you a free battery health check on the spot.

No matter how simple or sophisticated your car is – it won’t start without a healthy battery. Maintaining a good healthy battery is essential if you want to avoid being stuck miles away from where you need to be.

Linslade stock a full range of batteries from all major manufacturers. Batteries come with either full two-, three- or four-year warranties. We stock a full range of Bosch batteries – probably the finest car batteries in the world.

Bosch began its pioneering work in car batteries 8o years ago and has been pushing back the limits of performance and efficiency ever since.

The demands placed on a modern power supply are far greater than they were in those early days. Electric windows, sunroofs, air conditioning, ABS, airbags and increased temperatures in the engine compartment combine to increase demand and reduce battery life.

Bosch’s latest breakthrough came with Calcium-Silver alloy technology. Technical innovations have lead to a dramatic leap in performance with 20% longer service life than conventional batteries.

More power and reliability, less maintenance and longer service life make sound economic sense.